F1 2008 and the Science of F1 Motorsport

As we enter another season of Formula One racing, many fans’ hopes rest on Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and other F1 superstars; but let’s not forget that it takes a lot more than just a good driver to win a F1 race.

In order to be successful in the highly competitive world of F1 motorsport, every technical advantage helps – no matter how small. Firstly, if you take a look at an F1 car, you’ll find a huge amount of technology under – and over – the bonnet, and everything from the gears to the gas pedal has been meticulously designed and refined to create a lighter, smoother, faster car. Meanwhile, ongoing testing of the car’s aerodynamic properties continues to create faster vehicles that stick to the road, and every single surface of a modern F1 car, from the tyres to the driver’s helmet, has its aerodynamic qualities considered and researched.

At the centre of F1 is the safety of the drivers, the pit teams and the fans. The heart of each car is built with an extremely strong structure nicknamed “the tub”. This is the driver’s cockpit and survival cell, and is constructed mainly from carbon fibre. The fact that so many drivers have walked away (or at least been helped out of) some seemingly catastrophic accidents is testament to the highly successful protective construction on the survival cell. The cars are also designed so that drivers can get out of the cockpits in the least possible time to avoid burns. The current regulations state that all drivers should be able to get out in no more than five seconds without having to remove anything except the steering wheel.

Many might be surprised to hear that F1 drivers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes on earth. You might think that little physical prowess would be needed for a sport that involves sitting in a car; but on the contrary, a huge amount of stamina and endurance is required, with drivers having to endure high G-force cornering which can cause extreme stress to their bodies. Due to the hot climates that many of the F1 races take place in, such as Australia, Singapore and China, the drivers must be able to handle high temperatures for long periods, and they can lose as much as 3 litres of sweat during a race!

And let’s not forget the other members of the team that are so vital to success in this fast paced motorsport. Drivers may get most of the attention, but F1 is a team sport, and the speed and precision at which a team’s pit-crew can refuel and change a tyre or make more serious repairs will have a significant impact on the driver’s lap time and position in the rac

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auto Racing, it’s now not just a sport

for many years, we’ve heard people debating whether or not racing is a game or not. Like maximum concerned inside the racing industry, i’ve stood robust at the back of my reasons why racing is a sport. in the end, Webster’s Dictionary defines a game as “any hobby in which athletes compete in opposition to one another.” but, inside the face of tragedy, I have to pass lower back and modify my stance. Racing isn’t only a recreation, it is more than that. it is family, it is friends, it’s… life.Racing is one of the few sports activities where week in and week out you have the respect, or now not a lot, of competing in opposition to the identical group of human beings. Grassroots or at the expert degree you get to recognise, respect, and befriend your competition… till the helmet receives pulled on. The brotherhood this creates suggests in face of tragedy as with the recent lack of Jason Leffler. each racer is familiar with the risks related to racing. they’ve universal that danger and selected to keep racing, now not for the cash, due to the fact that is what they love… it’s what they live for.probabilities are you will never capture Tiger Woods at your local golfing course playing in a scramble, simply due to the fact he desired to hit a few balls. You may not get dunked on by way of Blake Griffin in a 5 on 5 pick out-up recreation on the rec center. Racers are a one-of-a-kind athlete. On any given weekend, you in no way recognize while you might walk thru the gates of your local brief song and see some of NASCAR’s best trading paint with the locals… simply because.while tragedy moves the racing community, absolutely everyone associated feels it. It doesn’t matter in case you race dirt, asphalt, as a hobby, or as a professional it is felt by means of all. In racing not anything is for certain, except that eventually you’ll wreck. some greater than others, a few more difficult than others however if you do it long enough, it’s going to appear. Racers cheat death more frequently than now not, however whilst she rears her unsightly head we all forestall to mourn. We make an effort to pray for the circle of relatives, hug our kids, and slap a relaxation In Peace decal at the B put up. Then all of us climb returned into the automobile and tell ourselves, it can’t occur to me.it’s not the cash fueling those drivers to get back in the back of the wheel. some spend every closing dime simply to make it to the music, not for the prize cash, however for the danger to get their photograph with that black and white checkered flag. The Holy Grail racers spend their lifestyles chasing. they are fueled by way of the exhilaration, the adrenaline, the friendships, and due to the fact… it’s their lifestyles! the following time a person tells me that racing isn’t a game, i will tip my racing cap and with courtesy country, ” you’re right… it is larger than that.”

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